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bluegospel 08-12-2010 03:23 PM

noteworthy Perl tutorial
Having surveyed several online Perl tutorials, I would like to recommend to other newcomers to Perl (arguably) the most comprehensive & well-written tutorial I've come across so far:

I hope some others will make use of it.

cargod_hera 08-13-2010 01:08 AM

Perl Tutorial
Thanks, this tutorial really is awesome! I'm trying to teach myself Perl and Ruby and any good, straightforward tutorials are always a godsend.

bluegospel 08-13-2010 10:44 AM

Glad I could help.

user_28 08-16-2010 02:54 PM

Thank you. It is really helpful

Inhumed 08-16-2010 03:42 PM

Excellent resource!


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