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tadeas 07-06-2010 01:59 AM

Nginx upload module gives 503 error on example configuration
I have to learn to use the Nginx upload module, but I cannot install it :) .
I've followed the install procedure (quite annoying, to have to recompile Nginx from sources given that I used the version from the repos.. :) ), I configured it as suggested on the official website (the link I've mentioned above). If I try the example script:

I get 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable error (and the browser is stuck on address).

My nginx.conf looks like this (including the upload module settings):

If I try to point the form's action to the example script (i.e. to upload_example.php instead of /upload), it creates an empty table with headers, it means that either array_key_exists($key."_name", $_POST) or array_key_exists($key."_path",$_POST) returns false - i.e. $_POST doesn't contain the expected values that the upload module should provide. In fact it is empty and $_FILES contains the casual ["input"]["name"], ["input"]["tmp_name"] etc. values as in regular PHP.

I use Debian Squeeze if it makes any difference..

Any ideas what's wrong?

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