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debdas 07-15-2003 02:00 AM

network management tool

I want to implement a tool that will detect all the systems/devices in a network and send a message back to the host regarding the status of the system. I also want to detect the type of the device. for example if it is a router etc. or if there is a printer on the network.

I dont have much idea as to how to go about with it. I have bare minimum knowledge of SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).

Any help would be really great.


Mara 07-15-2003 03:00 PM

I understand you don't want to install a special server on all machines? If so, your best choice (IMO) is a port scan (probably not a full one, just ports you may find important (mail: pop3 and smtp, ftp, www and so on). When you have info if the port if open or closed you may guess what's the machine. You need to use ping, too. Using ping you can check if machine is up or not. What I can think about is that it would be great if you can have access to routing table of the machine you run the scan from.

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