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manishsingh4u 04-12-2006 05:56 AM

Needed - Free ebooks for C and C++
Hello Friends,
Till now I have written C / C++ programs for DOS and windows only. But as my interest is growing day by day towards Linux, I want to code some stuf for Linux too. I have got a lot of ebooks for C++ (including C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup). But I need to start with some simple stuff.
Can anyone suggest me a link to some free ebook which is focussed specially for C/C++ on Linux. If anyone can mail me the book, i will be gratefull. A link to the book will also be good as I am always online.

masand 04-12-2006 06:58 AM

Hi there

Try out some links here

or google for them


manishsingh4u 04-12-2006 07:06 AM

Thanks masand, the link is really a big help to me.

halturata 04-12-2006 10:24 AM

Here are some of my favourites:
etc. , etc. ... Hope that sufficies :)

manishsingh4u 04-12-2006 11:04 AM

Thanks halturata for the links. Specially for the top 2 links. Now I feel like loaded with ebooks.:Pengy:

KyrinComaBlack 04-12-2006 06:25 PM

what about a tutorial for like linux system calls?

primo 04-13-2006 01:48 AM

Manpages rules. You may even find examples in them.

paulsm4 04-13-2006 01:58 AM

Hi -

The mechanics of compiling and debugging code, and the specifics of one or another library, are strikingly similar between Windows, Linux ... and yes, even DOS. Windows has a much nicer IDE (if you've got the $$$, you don't mind vendor lock-in, and you're into that kind of thing); Linux has a lot more breadth and "exciting stuff going on" (IMHO).

But what you *really* want is to learn how to "play" the language like a musical instrument. And frankly, with C++ (much like with the violin or the trumpet), it's a lot easier to do it wrong than to do it right.

Which is a long way of saying that you might find this on-line resource especially rewarding:

Thinking in C++, Bruce Eckel

'Hope that helps .. PSM

xhi 04-13-2006 07:47 AM

if you dig around on prentice halls website they have alot of their books available for download

and I also second the mention of bruce eckel's website, awesome books to be available for free.

and google can find a ton of ebooks hidden around the web. just about any book you want is out there, though not always legal. but i feel a try before you buy is not neccessarily bad, i have purchased alot of books i would not have if i had not been able to browse first.

manishsingh4u 04-13-2006 10:14 AM

Thank You! primo, paulsm4 and xhi for such a nice collection. Thanks again.

masand 04-14-2006 01:26 AM

hi there

You can unlimited links if you just have a look at the bookmarks section at LQ

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