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m3rl1n 11-14-2011 07:35 AM

N-tier application using apache and MySQL?
Hi Forum,

My Original Post:
I have been programming many years in VB .net. In VB I developed some n-tier applications using WCF. Recently I dumped the Microsoft set and started using Linux (Ubuntu Server and Desktop v11.10), Apache2, MySQL, PhP5 and C++ with QT4.

I'd like to start programming n-tier applications in C++, using MySql as Database Layer (installed on an Ubuntu Server Box), Apache2 as webservice (running on the same Ubuntu Server Box as MySql), a business layer that takes care of business rules (Also running on the Ubuntu Server Box with MySql and Apache), and a QT4 Developed client (platform independent) - that can be launched anywhere where there is an Internet connection.

My Question: what should I focus on reading/learning to understand how the above is done using Linux, Apache2, and MySQl. I will use C++ / QT4?

My anwers (at least that is what it looks like):
Distributed Objects in n-tier applications call for ORB's. CORBA sets the standard as far as I have read.

I have found two websites (tutorials) on how to implement ORB's in C++:
1. OmniOrb -
2. Gnome Orbit -

dugan 11-14-2011 09:32 AM

The question is very broad, but this is what you need to call MySQL from Qt.

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