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ih1008 10-08-2004 07:49 PM

memory leaking in Qt program
I recently wrote a Qt program that draws a bunch of OpenGL widgets during runtime (on demand by the user of course). I ran a memory profiler (memprof) on the program and realized that memory was leaking. Whenever I initiated a new widget from the same process, the program took about 25 megs. However, when closing the widget, the program only freed about 18 megs, leaving 7 megs behind. I looked everywhere in my code to find a bug (especially in the constructors destructors of the classes) but did not find any problem. I ran a leak test on the program and found out that a function caller "s12113" is allocating tons of memory and never releasing it. I google searched a lot on this function with no success.

can you please tell me how i can track down the 's12113' caller or how i can resolve my program?

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