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damien_d 10-13-2009 07:46 PM

Looking for Per-Project Editor Configuration
Hello All,

I am on the hunt for a new IDE (or looking for new ways to use an old IDE). Yes I have seen he sticky :)

In particular, one feature that is a bit of a show-stopper is not having a per-project editor configuration.

My company has very different whitespace and indenting policies than the Linux Kernel, but I do a bit of kernel hacking as part of my job. Unfortunately, there's a bit of fiddling before attempting to submit patches back to the project - astyle helps, but it also means that our own diffs are polluted with whitespace changes.

My current editor is kdevelop 3, although recently I have been experimenting with kdevelop 4 (I have to say the autocomplete is excellent), Code::Blocks and others. At least superficially :)

Is there an IDE where there is a per-project editor configuration? Better yet, is there a way I can set that up in KDevelop?


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