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Demonoia 09-20-2003 11:10 PM

looking for forum posting program springboard
I'm looking mostly for code that would allow me to make a program that could in one way or another maintain a login name at a forum and post in a thread when needed.

I'm working on a program for an RPG that would serve as a "dice roller" essentially. I would like the end product to do the following-

-open a java applette containing-
A place to enter # of dice to be rolled
A checkbox called "default" that would lock all the things not usually changed (#of sides on dice, # of dice per result excetera)
A submit button

Once submit has been pushed the program would "roll", or rather generate random numbers for, the number of "dice" selected. And post the results, along with info like how many dice were rolled and if the defaults were changed.

you get the idea.

anyway, I'm pretty sure how to do everything but post on a forum. Especially considering it would require cookies and the like. However, I know it can be done because an automated program spammed out the forum a while back, it would post some ad after every regular post. I however, would only want my program to post in a designated "results" thread. That's so we would have a log instead of just having memebers "trust" eachother as to what the roll results were.

In essence I want something very much like what they have at PBM dot com but with an applett as opposed to an email input, and posting in a forum as opposed to emailing back.

So, if anyone has instructions, or some sample code to springboard me along my way for any of the above listed steps, It'd be greatly appreaciated.

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