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iammisc 11-26-2005 12:16 AM

Linux device driver programming

I want to implement at least 5 character drivers from one kernel module. For each one's functions, I want to give the same functions but I want each of those functions to know from which character driver it belongs to. Is this completely impossible or is there a way to do this.

If you are wondering what purpose this will server: I want to write a windows driver emulation layer on top of Linux.

Thanks for all the help I know you will certainly give.

Clwhite0 11-26-2005 10:46 AM

I can only suggest something that might help: each of the five will most likely know fvrom whence it came because Linux HAS a way, when setting up the devices, that you can tell it what the device is used for. Just a suggestion: Look up the documentation in /usr/src, and look for the devices file. You may notice major and minor numbers, and because of these numbers, you will be able to tell the layer the difference between a parallel and serial port, or even the difference between a 55292 device and a 55292.1 device. Again, look up the devices file in the documentation in /usr/src, and I think that it will help you.

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