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perry 11-03-2003 10:08 AM

Linux and Java + Java Media Framework (JMF)
anybody out there have any luck with using JMF on Linux, especially Mandrake Linux. I had it partially working on 9.0, my fresh 9.1 install however is still giving me hickups. but even if i do get JMF JMStudio to work, the compiled version of JMStudio won't work for me. XawTV is operational and it was sooo refreshing to see it install as part of the installation of 9.1 this weekend.

ironically, the JMStudio that worked under mandrake 9.0 does not work at the moment.

i'd dearly love to have this working as i have no alternative than to use Win2K to develope the video conferencing project on that platform when i have to test the camera. Mandrake 9.1 however is sooooo much nicer.

anybody out there had any experience with any of this...?


- perry

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