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Nad0xFF 04-07-2005 09:53 AM

Let's make a LARGE community of Linux developers and make something cool
Hello! Let's get together (2-10 programmers on various languages + designers and so on), think about necessary applicaitions and make them for linux for free(GNU). Let's start after 4 months.
I think, if we do so, Linux'll became very popular
:D because there will be a lot of applications.

About me:
I'm C, C++ programmer, fond of low level coding. Experienced in networks and so on. Good knoweledge of computer science. I like to study Linux, FreeBSD and QNX kernel, and then Qt.

I have been coding for windows 4 years

Mara 04-07-2005 06:33 PM

I wish you luck, but finding a good team (that will not break after a week) is hard thing. Also, everyone will have differnet opinions on what is important. First think what YOU want to write. Then check if there's no such project already going (sourceforge is full of dead or nearly-dead projects, sometimes very good quality), because it's possible that you can use someone's else code.

JohnBoy 04-07-2005 09:12 PM

The difficulty of keeping a team together (and productive) may be daunting. Still, the idea forms the basis of (at least) SourceForge. I'm thinking that it may be a good idea to create the project on SourceForge, then start it moving by creating lead positions. If the idea is sound, I can see how Just putting SourceForge to use could make it happen.

aluser 04-07-2005 10:59 PM

Most importantly, check if whatever it is has already been done/started! Appropriating a few thousand lines of working code from a stalled sourceforge or freshmeat project is a great jump start.

Really though, the hardest part of running an open source programming project is getting developers interested and keeping them that way. It requires that you have something promising already coded and running. Linus had a fully working (if feature incomplete) kernel ready before he made his first post about it to usenet.

alred 04-07-2005 11:12 PM

.... and we are not neighbors .......

good luck Nad0xFF in landing yourself in deep shit :D
great spirit !

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