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pkramerruiz 02-11-2013 07:39 AM

Java applet for in-file-text-search for smartphones.
Hi guys.

My Nokia C6-00 won't let me view the passwords for saved wifi hotspots.

So I need a java applet, to perform a search in text files. Which will be started directly on the smartphone, not on the PC.

So far I've googled, this can be done with "Scanner" or "BufferedReader".

The main point here is that if the passwords would be stored in the phone's E drive (mass storage for the PC), this task could be done by connecting the phone to the PC and then doing it with TotalCommander.
But since they aren't stored on disk E, the applet has to search the text string on all drives.
According to the Symbian prog called Y-Browser, available drives are: C, D, E, Z, and Mail folders.

It would be great if the applet had a field in which to enter the search word, and a search button. Also would be nice if you could choose which drives to search in, using checkboxes in an options menu. It should be possible to use wildcards (*), in search field.

I am very grateful for your help.

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