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mspradeep4u 02-24-2010 01:22 AM

Issue while compiling sample LDAP plug-in on RHDS

I am writing an sample LDAP Plug-in on RHDS. While compiling plug-in file, i am getting an error related to missing header files(prtypes.h, prprf.h etc..).

'slapi-plugin.h' file is generated in the path /usr/include/dirsrv. But inside this file, they are using some other header files like prtypes.h, prprf.h, etc. But there is no files generated with this names. Because of this i am getting "No such file or directory" error for these files.
I can get these header files from Netscape coporation(Thirdpary), but can we use the same header files for Redhat or is there any separate header files are there for RHDS.

Please let me know how i can resolve this issue.


knudfl 02-24-2010 03:19 AM

Welcome to LQ.

Please install the package nspr-devel :
These headers are in /usr/include/nspr4/

Example package name, el5 = nspr-devel-4.7.6-1.el5_4.i386

Finding your OS version : cat /etc/redhat-release
Please tell OS version / name by every question.

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