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dlm4444 09-26-2003 10:05 AM

installing gtk
Hey everybody,

For days I've been tring to install gtk. But, It looks for atk package.
so I downloaded it from Now atk is looking for glib-2.0.pc
I did install glib-2.0. it is located in the /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig directory. I tried editing the file with /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig but no such luck also i ran ldconfig.
I also ran two commans such as PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig
and export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig. Then ldconfig cammand again.
I did a locate command and the glib-2.0.pc file was there.

why is it so hard to install. Or can some one walk me through it. I saw another thread relating to gtk but no help.:scratch:

dlm4444 09-26-2003 10:07 AM

By the way I'm running mandrake 9.1 and I tried urpmi command. But, the files on the mandrake club and site were way out dated.

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