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icecoder 10-01-2011 03:34 AM

ICCCM/exICCCM and Qt menu issue
I'm writing a window manager and I'm stuck with a problem on Qt4 menus.

When I first click on a menu item, it shows correctly, then I close it and try to open it again but it does not show anymore. If I try to open another menu item, it works for the first time and then that item cannot be shown again too. I tried a lot of tricks like changing focus, resizing or moving the window, but it does not work either way.

I tried with a couple of Qt applications (smplayer and QtOctave) and all have the same issue on menus (both menubars and context menus). I also tested GIMP and xfe (which run on gtk, just to countercheck) and their menus work correctly. I did not test any Qt3 application yet, but I guess they behave the same way.

I found that the menu itself works, I can click on items, but it's invisible after the first time.. Am I missing something about the protocol implementation?

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