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deltrem 09-29-2011 03:06 PM

I need to patch these bugs
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I have a file called 'problem solutions.odt' that contains those bugs that we have using Linux, then google for workarounds.

I want to patch Linux, because when I commit a mistake using Linux, I have to reinstall the distro and the packages or I have to fsck from other distros, follow lots of restore steps, can't let the external hd be plugged and it's a big complicated wait.

How many bugs does Linux have and Linux shouldn't have so many bugs.

Do I have to know Linux and C only?
I'm a programmer and C isn't object-oriented, so it's more maintainable IMHO, because Design Patterns shouldn't need to exist, but they need to exist, because C++ is bad, so they exist IMHO. I don't know enough about Linux, but I'll study.
Can you give me a few pointers about patching Linux?

I tried to upload problem solutions, but it's .odt, so it's invalid, so I uploaded a .txt version, but it's ugly, sry.

Snark1994 09-29-2011 05:38 PM

These are hardly "bugs", more customisations... Also, you won't get anywhere "patching" the linux kernel; there seems to be some confusion about what you're trying to do. You don't need to know any C, you need to use a bash script to run the commands that you put into your "problem solutions.txt" file automatically (if I'm understanding you correctly)

Hope this helps,

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