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vivekr 06-02-2006 07:35 PM

How to publish a website?
I have completed a chatbot and right now it is working like a simple application.I want to publish it on the net.

I dont know the technology to be used for achieving it. I guess servlets has to be used but i am not sure.And also setting up the server and the rest for servlets are tiresome jobs, I guess.

What should I do now? Guide me through.
Also suggest me some good free hosting sites that you know.

Thanks in advance.

pdeman2 06-02-2006 08:13 PM

Does this chat bot interact through a web interface, or does it use AIM's oscar protocol, or what?

EDIT: Sorry, I guess the subject of this thread explains that.

You should take a look at the Apache web server and PHP. PHP is an excellent scripting language perfect for dynamic web pages. I'm sure you could design an interface that actively interacts with your chat bot. If you use another host but you still want PHP, then just make sure that you will have access to PHP on their servers.

There are two web hosts that I've looked into for a while; IPOWER and Web Host Freaks. I currently use IPOWER for their domain names and I run my own server, but they're primary service is web hosting. Web Host Freaks is a pretty cheap host that uses Red Hat servers. They offer PHP on all of their plans.

vivekr 06-04-2006 12:03 AM

Thanks for your response. Would learning php take a lot of time. I dont know much about it. Can you provide me links for some good introductory tutorials.

I wrote my bot using Java. Considering this would php suit my needs.

Thanks again for you response

pdeman2 06-04-2006 01:58 PM

Not knowing exactly how you designed your bot, it would be hard to determine how exactly you should setup a site. Nevertheless, PHP can do pretty much anything you want it to, so it's probably a good idea to learn it.

PHP is not hard to learn. At it's most simple level, PHP for web site is a matter of printing or echoing pieces of HTML code to the client browser. You can define the terms in wich the script will decide to put out certain pieces of HTML code. there are a lot of good books and tutorials on the internet that you can use to learn PHP.

Here are some good resources:

Good luck!

jonaskoelker 06-04-2006 03:21 PM

If the problem you want to solve is just making your chat bot available to the world, I would suggest getting sourceforge to host it--they provide both webhosting, cvs, compile farms and... basically everything you need to host a project.

If you want to learn about hosting a website (and possibly web scripting), then I would recommend setting up apache. For a short php example--though it might be a big mouthful for a php newbie--have a look at

Hope this helps --Jonas

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