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melinda_sayang 06-14-2004 03:27 AM

How to make rule for make install and make uninstall
Hey, I try to learn autoconf and automake so I can make tarball of my program. Ok, I kinda understand.... but consider this. After compiling with 'make' command, I got:
binary: myprogram, daemon ( Yes, my program is actually two program, the frontend and the daemon )
glade file: ( Yes, I am using Glade, and my program depend on this to load up, so the glade file and the binary have to be in same directory )
graphic file: myprogram.png ( Yes, need it as its icon )

After doing autoblablabla ( autoconf, touch README, automake, and etc )
I run this:
make install

The 'make install' command try to copy myprogram and daemon into /usr/local/bin. It is good. But How do I manipulate Makefile so that 'make install' command will copy binary, glade file, graphic file into spesific directory ( for example /usr/local/bin )?

And what about 'make uninstall'?

sam028 06-14-2004 05:58 AM

I think that you might include something in your

fooconfdir = ${prefix}/data
fooconf_DATA = foo.png
EXTRA_DIST = $(fooconf_DATA)

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