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bordel 11-19-2003 04:19 AM

How to get 'Window' variable from a 'Widget' variable
Hi !
I need experimented people with use of window creations with KDE.
I'm beginning Linux programming with a library (OpenCV) to use my camera which also provides user-interface creation functions.
My problem is : the function to create a window returns a 'Widget' variable type (OpenCV -> highgui -> cvGetWindowHandle() ) and I have to give a 'Window' variable type to the function which displays a picture (OpenCV -> cvcam -> cvcamSetProperty() )..

These types are not recognized by default and I don't know which include files or libraries I should include in the makefile..

I don't know much about the other libraries installed on my computer right now : Qt, Gnome (maybe not correctly installed), KDE API, ..
I saw I can have a QWidget with Qt library but I didn't manage to get a 'Window' variable..

In fact, I would be also very happy if someone tell me how to create a window by myself and get this f*#@?ng 'Window' variable..

Thank you!

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