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alix123 11-24-2004 04:55 AM

How can i read an write to a HTML or xml file using C
I have a data strcuture containing the follwoing elements

struct my_data
int no;
char *input ;
char *output;
char * descritpiton;
char *time;

now i want to write the structure elements to a HTML or xml file in a tabular form as an output of my program at the same time i want read some of the output as input to my program for example say i want pick up the value from the html file where time is just before the current time.


/*******html file starts here *************/

" This is MY Program Output genrated on "current date and time"

Number Input output Description time

/********** html file end here **********/

every time i run the code new values of the structure elemnts will be appneded to the exisitng html file or depening upon the some conditions a new html file is generated and values ar added to new file .

iam totaly new to html or xml but i know C

vharishankar 11-24-2004 05:07 AM

HTML and XML are pure text formats so you'll read and write to them using the normal C file operations like fopen and so on.

If you are asking for an entire program to do this, I don't think many people here will take the effort to do it. You must work it out on your own.

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