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markyg852 04-12-2009 01:52 PM

hot can make a text browser compatible mior of a sit that isnt normally compatible
hello everyone
let me start off with a disclaimer

this is a inux forum i relize that but the question will pose

is not regarding the linux operating system

however it will use linix as its core and the idea a i present will be relivant to the linux commuinty especilly for people who use text based servers

arlight let start with what i know

i know links and elinks is a text based web browser

i know it is possible to copy an entire webs site with webhttp track

i know its not hard to host a localweb servern and i have done so

and i know its not hard to run a proxy server or mirroed site

i know that alot of web site are incommpatible with text based browser becuase of the use of javesrripc and other pluggins rrequired for the site

here is my quetsion

is is possible to take web http track or a simmilar program and have it copy sites directley to you web servers virtual host root directory
and then but render it with w/ourt any pluggin use of another software would be needed then

you could acces you website as a proxy server to view all site you want to visit from the command line browser seemlesy

or is there already a public proxy that does this or

is there a simple solution enable and configure every neccesary plugin to make site like face book compatible with you text base browser

the man plan behind is to write a program that check ever single one of my email accounts or forum accts and display the emails of them in single test based browser

note none of the accts or one the same site so it wouldnt be thought by the destnation url that i was perfoming bulk registration or any thing of that nature

if anyone could shed some light on this i would appriate it

also i read something on ick proxy but i dont know if that will work for this method i will look into it further

-so much time and so little to do....
wait strike that revere it willie wanka-

jlinkels 04-14-2009 06:06 AM

If I were you I would work on my spelling abilities before starting any other project.


theNbomr 04-14-2009 09:22 AM

Yeah, what jlinkels said...
If I can re-phrase your question correctly, you wish to translate arbitrary web pages containing functionality that can only be achieved with plugins and graphical elements, into something that can be rendered on a text-only console. I would have to wonder why a developer would have used such plugins, if the same functionality could be achieved without them. Moreover, much of the functionality in a site such as facebook is achieved by server-side code, and you cannot simply download this code.
I would rate your prospect for success in this endeavor as somewhere less than 4/5 * sqrt( zip );
--- rod.

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