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arsalan 01-25-2008 05:11 AM

Help 4 SIP based IP phone
i want to develop a simple SIP based ip phone. i dont know how to capture voice from mic and play Rtp voice data packets on windows i am using there any such APi in Linux ?


binutils 01-26-2008 06:01 AM

May the source be with you ;)

arsalan 01-29-2008 01:01 AM

thanx 4 ur given information.but its too abv for my i am a beginer i jst want
1. how can i listen sound of any music file even linux(redhat) has detected my sound card?
2. How to load a plug n play sound card instead of builtin sound card?
3. How i access that card 4 reading and writing buffers of sound in .wav file?

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