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nAvi 08-15-2003 08:02 AM

GTK entry
I need a little bit help with a GTK entry.
I've got a main window and a dialog window which is opened by pressing a button on the main window.
Inside of the dialog box are some text-entries.
The problem is that i vant write anything into them.
I cant even click on them to get the cursor in the entry.
Who knows something about that?

hfawzy 08-15-2003 11:05 PM

Try to add this line:

gtk_widget_set_sensitive (GTK_ENTRY(entry_name),TRUE)

nAvi 08-16-2003 10:59 AM

Thanks for your help!
Maybe ill try it.
I found another way of solving the problem:
The dialog window was a popup, and i tried it to set it to a toplevel window and it worked.

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