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sobchak 07-22-2002 05:07 AM

GOTO function in bash?
Hello, I don't know hardly any bashscripting at all, so bear with me.

Is there an equivalent of the DOS function GOTO in bash? What I want is to put a "label" somewhere in the code, and be able to jump back to that location.


I have a command that exits with status 0, and if it does not, I want to run the program from the top again. I know how to write the if-statement, but not how to go back to a certain location in the code.

Any suggestions?

acid_kewpie 07-22-2002 05:10 AM

goto functions were banned in decent programming languages many years ago as they really don't make sense and can be lethal. make a function instead

function() {
script here

and call it in a conditional block

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