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kyleinc 04-17-2004 07:48 PM

Free Java IDE?
I have switched to Red Hat Linux 9 from Windows. I am used to using JCreator, a free IDE from Xinox Software for Windows. I like it because it is written in C++, so it's faster than the Java IDEs. I also like it because I am so accustomed to it. I am using NetBeans right now and I hate it. It's so slow and it keeps trying to correct my style. Do any of you who have used JCreator know of a similar program for Linux?

moeminhtun 04-17-2004 09:11 PM

Have you tried eclipse?
But my favourite is Netbeans. If you run it on P4, it's ok to me.
And Java has it's standard coding style and you should follow it if you write Java.

aluser 04-17-2004 09:42 PM

yeah evidently the standard coding style is to replace your tabs with 4 spaces each... choke me : )

nvn 04-18-2004 04:22 AM

Further tips in a suspiciously similar thread.

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