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Manish 02-23-2002 04:56 PM

ELF format and other formats?
What's the difference between linux ELF binary format and other formats? Which one is preferable from the point of view of a developer?

llama_meme 02-24-2002 06:32 AM

On Linux, ELF is meant to replace the old "a.out" binary format.. I don't know about any formats other than those two on Linux (they might exist, I just don't know about them ;) But ELF is the best one to use, anyway.

Manish 02-24-2002 10:15 AM

Thanks for the info. :)

mtsinc 02-25-2002 08:17 PM

a.out was an absolute core image. ELF is relocatable. ELF gained popularity when Unix/Linux apps started getting too big to gracefully have everything preloaded - ELF libraries are functionally equivalent to Windows DLLs.

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