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gmarais 03-08-2004 03:23 AM

drop down box / new selection
hi, it's me again. i have a DB where alot of products in sitting. i want to add data to the DB based on a primary selection of a product thats been made. i.e. the client selects a product from the main selection. apon that, i need to display other fields that can be filled in and submitted to the DB.

i would like to display the next set of fields on the same page without having to load another page with the form to submit.

i'm not sure if this can be done via java or whatever ... ?

micxz 03-08-2004 03:26 AM

Javascript would do this.

gmarais 03-08-2004 03:41 AM

javascript ?
do you know where i can find a script like this ?

micxz 03-08-2004 03:54 AM

here's one example:

gmarais 03-08-2004 03:57 AM


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