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bastl 05-15-2005 06:39 AM

Disable mouse, keyboard or other input devices / drivers
My problem is, that I schedule my program with FIFO - have to be, because it's
a very time critical app. (output) - maschine-nc-program.
That part (subprogram, terminal based) is written in NASM and in there I have to
disable the mouse, because of the user activities - the DM(Display Manager) can't execute the mouse events during that app. runtime, I only say left bottom corner, so unusual things could happen after return and the mouse events get executed.
Well I have some ideas : (1= easiest)[list=1][*]Clear the event buffer the DM is reading from, before switching back to SCHED_OTHER.[*]Keep the x-server away from writing to that event buffer and/or generating a mouse event during app. runtime[*]Keep linux away from handle the mouse IRQs - unload the mouse driver perhaps, that's silly I know,
because the interrupt have to be handled and the x-server generates also an mouse event, that couldn't be
decoded from the missing device driver (left bottom corner).[*]That could work: make a copy of the IDT and set the possible
mouse entries (serial,usb,ps2) to I_NULL, than load it in IDTR.
Also silly, I think that makes surly an INT13 and linux close the app (surly also as root).[/list=1]

So please give me any solution or hint you could have, or how I can realize such ideas.

O.K. it seems, that I have read in to fast cycles from the keyboard interface port 0x60. Now I stretched the cycles and all goes fine.

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