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Spenny 10-18-2005 05:45 AM

Development environment for database based web service

I've been thinking about where to start developing a system which I want to be vaguely standards based and was looking to do some little bits of prototyping. I'm at the blank piece of paper stage, and back in time I've been a Windows developer (wrote a book about it once!).

I wanted to use PostGres, though to be fair I want to be fairly DB independent, and want to provide some form of service to a web front end, though I want to really be able to go down a web service route, though that is likely to be a further layer.

So I am thinking, C++, it is where my skills lie, talking to a database layer, providing services to a web server or to third party software. I considered just using PHP for a prototype, but it isn't really suitable for backend, solid code, though I'd happily use it for a presentation layer. I've looked around at J2EE, but it has me confused as to what it really is.

I realise that I have too many technical issues to make a start - development environment, database libraries, web services libraries, and so on.

So to recap, where would you start to write:

- a transactional system
- presented through the web
- providing web services as well as "screen based" stuff.

All biases welcome! Reading suggestions too.

chrism01 10-19-2005 12:10 AM

If you want free, some combination of the following:

If you're looking at commercial / heavy duty, then maybe C/C++/Java and Oracle/Sybase.

Really need more info/details of what sort of use/mkt you have in mind.

Spenny 10-19-2005 05:01 AM

I guess I am being too obscure, in part it is because if I was in a Windows environment, the superficial simplified answer would be "use .Net".

Let's give an example. I have a prototype bookings system for meetings, written in PHP4 using PostGres, been running happily for ages, but it is totally web page based. Works nicely for the 40 or so users who use it, been sitting on Redhat 7.2 for 3 years, though recently moved onto Mandriva 2005 SE. It is poorly structured, with no separation between GUI and backend updating.

Let's stay I want to rework this to cater for a large organisation, who are likely to want to not only use screens, but pass in bookings from other systems, interface to other systems and so on. (but mainly I want to prototype something to understand the technology ;) ).

I need a chunk of backend server code which should be able to service both web services and web pages. In the Windows envronment, I might have used COM or one of its variants - now I would use .Net which is fairly painless for doing that sort of thing. On Linux I would want to run some sort of service, but I don't really want to work down at that level - what is around to protect me from working at that low level without rewriting a chunk of low level services?

kingttx 10-26-2005 09:22 AM

Since you've used .NET before, would you use mono?


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