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jacky29 03-26-2011 05:34 AM

cut column an edit data!!!!!
Mar 26 12:32:53 name sshd[3261]:
Mar 27 12:42:53 name sshd[3262]:

how to make this data in output as:

"Mar 26 12:32:53","name","sshd",""
"Mar 27 12:42:53","name","sshd",""

anyone plzz help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

corp769 03-26-2011 05:37 AM

I know by replying, I am taking your thread off of the zero reply list, but in due respect, I have asked you several times to spell out your words and stop using such phrases as "anyone plzz help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Please comply with my requests, or I WILL report you to the mods.

Thank you for understanding.


corp769 03-26-2011 05:40 AM

To add to my previous post - We all here on volunteer our time and effort for free to help and assist others. All I ask are a few simple things.... So which brings me back to my requests. Please comply with, in a nice way I am asking, or most likely you will receive at least a warning from the moderators, if not being banned from the forums.

Thank you for understanding again.


EricTRA 03-26-2011 05:40 AM

Hello jacky29,

Josh has a very good point here. If you use shorthand or textspeak you'll be very hard to understand and most LQ users will not even go through the trouble of responding, leaving you with your problems and questions. Please show some respect to the community you're asking to help you by spelling out your words.

That being said, have a look at the man page for awk, cut and sed to do what you want with your data.

man awk
man cut
man sed

Kind regards,


jacky29 03-26-2011 05:47 AM

ok....i will follow rules as anybody please help me out to find the solution for the problem...

corp769 03-26-2011 05:48 AM

Did you even read what Eric wrote? It's not all about you, you know....

EricTRA 03-26-2011 05:53 AM


Originally Posted by jacky29 (Post 4304012)
ok....i will follow rules as anybody please help me out to find the solution for the problem...


I pointed out which command(s) can be used to obtain what you need. We are all volunteers here putting in our own time. If you keep asking for ready made solutions without even trying yourself then you'll find that your problems/questions will get very few responses. If you're in desperate need of a solution you could always get paid support. You'll find LQ users at their best when trying to solve a problem for which you yourself have tried (and cannot find an answer). No LQ user will give you ready made solutions, copy/paste guide or personalized HowTo guide. So basically it comes down to:

Show us what you have done and where it's failing, then we'll can help you at our best.

Kind regards,


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