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bactnt 02-23-2004 02:06 PM

Createing a Web based Database
Itís time to ask the pros. Basically what I need is a guide to what I should be reading and learning to do what I need to do.

What I need to do..
Create a Database with a web interface where users could see an inventory of pictures in thumbnail view with descriptions. At the same time to be able to search and for a specific picture by name.

How do I go about to doing that, could someone recommend the right books on what I should be reading or point me into the right direction and step by step process that I need to take to get this done. Iím pretty new at Pearl, cgi and sql but am willing to learn from your experience.

I got a coulple of books on Perl/Cgi but they donít explain how to implement the script to a webpage.

chewysplace 02-23-2004 02:38 PM :: to learn about xml and web databases.
might need to go to a more indepth website on the databases though. :: to learn about perl scripts relating to html :: heres one with mySQL and PHP. a bit outdated but i'm shure you'll get the idea.

if anything just google it :)

bactnt 02-25-2004 06:42 AM

I'll check it out. Thanx

bigearsbilly 03-11-2004 10:37 AM

php and MySql work dead easy together.

phpmyadmin is useful for taking the drudgery out
of managing the database.

you'll have a site up in no time.


naflan 03-11-2004 11:02 AM

Or just download Coppermine. It is a php, mysql based photo gallery. I love it.

download Coppermine

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