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coolman0stress 06-22-2004 10:54 PM

Consuming .Net XML Web Services using Python
Hey guys,

This is a "what do i specify" kind of question:

I have a .Net web service. Something like this: http://localhost/services/myservice.asmx. services is the project and myservice.asmx is the actual service implementation (myservice.asmx?wsdl would yield the WSDL).

Anyway, since web services are platform and language independent (XML SOAP messages afterall), i want to consume the above service in a Python script. I found out that you use the xmlrpclib's Server object as follows:

from xmlrpclib import Server
proxy = Server("service url") # create proxy
proxy... # call method

Now, i'm not entirely sure how exactly i call the method. In fact, i tried a bunch of URIs for the Server object, but can't quiet make it work. So what exactly do i specify in the constructor?

http://localhost/services or http://localhost/services/myservice.asmx? Or something else?

Just not entirely sure on how Python wants it. Or even if i'm on the right track here (though i know how to do it in .Net or Java:cool: ).


Any help is appreciated.

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