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randomx 10-07-2004 02:49 PM

calling a frame from another frame : JAVA
Background: : I have two frame/classes. A login screen and a "display results" screen. A login screen has a login button which takes you to display results screen.
Display eesults screen as a logout button however...

Problem: when you click on the logout button, it generates two instances of the login screen. In other words, two login screens appear one on top of the other on the left hand corner NOT in the center like the first time the program launches.

Behavior I want: once I click logout on "display results" screen, I go right away to the login screen. Exactly the way it previously was: centered and with only one instance running not two as it is right now.

This is on the login screen.

void loginbtn_actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)

//if login successful, you will get the results screen
  Display results = new Display();


this is on the results screen


  void loginOutbtn_actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
  //go back to login screen.
    Welcome loginScreen = new Welcome();


thanks in advance,


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