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chlorantus 07-02-2006 06:11 AM

C++ & system programming
I have a small project : "access all Partitions of hard disk,find all the files have tail is *.EXE. Then display them as menu drog down. Program allows use keyboard and mouse to control,select the files from menu. After select a file, must show information of file as : created date, attributes, size file...."

What I want to ask here is :

1. Documents about system programming with C++ (or about assembly language that can add on a program C++),with them, I can research with myself.
2. How to control mouse with C++ environtment?
3. How to access the partitions of hard disk to find files...!
4. Final, have what the ways to show information of file on system ?

thanks ! please help me...(with the way that I can do with myself)

sorry,my English is bad! :(

cupubboy 07-02-2006 07:26 AM

Ummm assuming this is win32 .. your best and probably easist bet is to use the windows api of course

in wich case is an invaluable resource .. and quite frankly the best help you can get .. you just have to have a little patience and read through it


sundialsvcs 07-02-2006 11:25 AM

Maybe ... :mad: ... you should direct that question to your professor?

It's a homework assignment, obviously, and while all of us have done homework assignments in the past, we have done them ourselves ... albeit sometimes very late at night and at the eleventh hour. :rolleyes:

And my point is just this: the journey is the reward. Programming is just like swimming: you can't learn how to do it by asking someone else; you can't learn to do it just by watching. You have to get in there and get wet. You have to feel like you're drowning ... but you don't.

And your professor is there to help you. That doesn't mean that he, she, or anyone will "do it for you," but when you're struggling ... and you will struggle with this! ... he or she needs to know. How many times have I looked a student in the eye, when s/he hands in an incomplete assignment, and asked him/her, "why didn't you call me about this last week?"

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