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a4z 04-10-2013 01:51 AM

building qt 5.0.1 on windows
I have to build qt-5.0.1 on Windows (wiht visual studio 8), but once again, I am to stupid for this plaform.

have perl python ruby, downloaded the zip, did like in the readme
and I am on the visual studio command promt


>configure -prefix %CD%\qtbase -opensource -nomake tests
result is


Access is denied.
*** qtbase/configure exited with non-zero status.

i have commented out the
REM if not exist %QTSRC%\.gitignore goto sconf
in the configure bat in qtbase as I found it in the internet, but did not help.

If anyone knows how qt-5.0.1 on Windows bild works or what I could have configured/installed/done, wrong please help.

a4z 04-10-2013 10:40 AM

the code from the git repo works.

that's somehow interesting,it seems that the qt devs do no test their zip release

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