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zaman 07-17-2005 12:30 PM

bison / flex
i was using flex to print to a file fie1.txt after scanning through a file file0.txt

i was using yyin = fopen(file0.txt,r);
yyout = fopen(file1.txt,w);

now i am using bison and returning fromm flex file in place of printing,

what should i use in place of yyin and yyout in bison .y file .

and what i have to take if i need to open two files for writing file1.txt and file2.txt.
i think i cant use yyout1 and yyout2

sundialsvcs 08-16-2005 10:19 AM

I'm a little confused here by your question. The action-routines defined in your grammar normally do this and all other work, at the appropriate specified places. What the routines actually do is up to you. Please elaborate.

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