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Chomper 02-04-2005 08:45 PM

bash: pg: command not found

I'm reading a book (Linux and Unix Shell Programming) and it tells me to do this:


$ pg var_test
# var_test
echo "First Name :\c"
read name
echo "Middle Name :\c"
read middle
echo "Last name :\c"
read surname

when i try...i get this

$ pg var_test
bash: pg: command not found

i was wondering if this "pg" is a command specific only to straight-up Unix or certain types of Linux, and if so, what is the analogous command for FC3 ?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

jschiwal 02-04-2005 09:07 PM

pg is short for pager. You could use less instead.

jlliagre 02-05-2005 02:22 AM

Right, pg was written to overcome a "more" command limitation not allowing going backward on a file, and exists on Unix system V systems only I think.
Both modern "more" and the freeware "less" are providing this feature, making pg somewhat obsolete.

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