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talanis 02-18-2009 04:59 PM

bash - loop over variable array names

i have a little problem concerning variable variable names in bash.
I am doing a loop to fill multiple arrays.

if i want to output the arrays, i can, however, do it only one by one; not in another loop.


for (( n=0; n<5; n++ )); # create 5 arrays
let array$n[0]="432859"


echo ${array0[*]} # arrays 0 to 4 can be easily displayed.
echo ${array1[*]} # but i want it as a loop (necessary in mightier programs)
echo ${array2[*]} # and so on...

#this loop does not work.
#line 16: ${array$y[*]}: bad substitution
for (( y=0; y<$n; y++ ));
echo ${array$y[*]} |sed s/"533862"/" "/g
Since i need to loop over the output, so i really only get the lines that where filled, any help is really appreciated!

Hko 02-18-2009 07:35 PM



array0=(Hello Hallo Hola Aloha)
array1=(one two three four)
array2=(1 2 3 4)

echo "Printing them the normal way:"
echo "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"
echo ${array0[*]}
echo ${array1[*]}
echo ${array2[*]}

echo "Printing them from a loop:"
echo "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"
for (( y=0; y<3; y++ )); do
    echo $(eval echo \${array$y[*]})

talanis 02-19-2009 12:09 PM

Thanks man!
It works like a charm. Perfect ^^

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