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frenchn00b 07-06-2009 10:47 PM

bash: all --user-agent for "wget --user-agent "

in my bash, I have :


  wget  --user-agent Mozilla/4.0  -k "$LINK" -O myretrievedlink.html

I get this error with that

We're sorry. Your browser (Netscape 4) is outdated for a normal use
of the new enhanced dynamical website of the International Currency Converter.

You can download an upgrade at Look for Netscape 6.

However, this webiste is best viewed with Internet Explorer 5 or higher.
I just wanna track the currency of the dollar to Eur for me, to be daily informed

Bit normal,
What would you be rather using for wget, I mean that works all the time ?

For the moment, I reported 3 possible user-agents

unSpawn 07-07-2009 05:25 AM

If it's strictly a User-Agent problem then many sites, I know the Netscape site does, maintain lists of UA's: pick a "newer" one. However it may just be a problem with the site forcing browser behaviour: it clearly reads "normal use of the new enhanced dynamical website". As far as I know (so I could obviously be very wrong) wget, curl, elinks or whatever else CLI apps can't interprete or deal with Javascript or AJAX.

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