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ajaxStardust 12-01-2012 02:30 AM

AWK: Usr seeks rec’d “forum” for GAWK -eq SQL manip.
(NOTE: rewritten, as originally mis-posted,… goodgodsurge!iminsane…)

This user seeks, a recommended community forum, not unlike this very forum populous necessarily, but-- perhaps as absurd is the notion of it-- this Usr does realize one such entity may very well not exist (a notion i harbour only momentarily, as returned very little concerning the matter of my query: keywords-dissolution having made much work for me, many more moments than might mean maturity minus mental maintenance, moreover, whogivesa ___, for whatever reason, it seems no GAWK -- hmm... maybe i should have used AWK, instead!)

What I seek, i believe, is at most to claim itself, for example, as a “THE GAWK USR’s FORUM”

That is to say: What do you know of a "GAWK Experts’ Forum"? It is my intention that I might consult such a resource, for the intensive dissection of SQL; a horrifically mutilated, WordPress-at-once, now so-convoluted-now ±3000000 bytes of garbage

[i suspect, inserted by an installed; activated; plugin of questionable integrity; plugin title upon request, faux pas avoidance maneuver, here]

See wayback machine for , should ye wish to ... waste your time; verify i speak truth. What once was ± 1500 bytes for YEARS, ... well... blah, i bla, butt, i ass you something:
Google NoviceNotes™ and keywords like charset; web something or other, and you'll see. ± you'll see…

“I don't want to be an old man anymore. I wanna get back; i wanna get back: I dont even know how i got off the track.”

smallpond 12-01-2012 03:06 PM

I did not know James Joyce posted on here.

Be that as it may, the forum that you seek is news:comp.lang.awk which includes gawk out of excessive zeal. For any youngsters out there, newsgroups predate the web on the internet and may be out of fashion now but are still active.

ajaxStardust 12-01-2012 09:08 PM

Thank you, and please.
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right… right…

Aqua-man; ye, minor body of water: since ‘B.I.’, i have been on-line, that is, Before Internet [B.I. ? solid B.M. Attachment 11333 : preceding the epoch of DARPA-turn-Inter-come-Double-You-Goomazon-Ol’Kindle-Nook! (♪ Boy, the way Glen Miller played. ♪) Back when one wanted for a 14/4… as it was the /modem/ upgrade, of course .

I joke; wish to invoke
something like smiles,
contrariwise to ire:
like anti-angry folk

NTTP cataclysm; what a Masochism!
I belong anywhere near the newsgroup discourse? Short and sweaty: “he's got a lot of problems”, not the least of which is a [near] debilitating disorder, quite like narcolepsy, whereby i've fallen asleep several times while authoring this [a symptom, managed by Adderall {see Narolepsy Cataplexy Sleep Attack}, and Amphetamine [Adderall] is simply not treating a symptom of a CNS issue, and ... blah!)

I can't stand the WP crowd. I'd much rather speak with intellectuals, than money-grubbing, social-network-junkies: hence my query those whom i believe might satisfy. I gotsa go ... not BI... the adderall tabs get that peristaltic motion going, you know. Today was a significant day, representative of that of my very own, private-unique day of ‘birthing ritual’ [an event, referenced by Cap'n K'nuckles unto Flapjack]

I'll think of something.

Does anyone use WP and upPrev? if so, have you found upPrev or uPrev (? whogivesashutyomouth!) and Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP), which i learned via the aforementioned; which began to work hand-in-hand to produce a related-posts affect, quite nicely, but like i said: 1.5MB to 30MB in 2 weeks aint gonna cut it. furthermore, the server can't handle it (i.e. see , whence the matter does reveal the resulting malfunction, due to this ugly heathen; resulting SQL.

Perhaps it's SQL injection, but i've come to be wont to rule it out, due to the tendency for this superfluous "meta" to indicate some relationtship to the aforementioned WP Plugin bullchips. DIg:

INSERT INTO `wp_options` (`option_id`, `option_name`, `option_value`, `autoload`) VALUES (36261,'_site_transient_iworks_upprev_scripts_22_2011-09-19T10:40:01+00:','<script type=\"text/javascript\">\nvar iworks_upprev = { animation: \'flyout\', position: \'right\', offset_percent: 75, offset_element: \'#comments\', css_width: 360, css_side: 5, compare: \'simple\', url_new_window: 0, ga_track_views: 1, ga_track_clicks: 1, ga_opt_noninteraction: 1, title: \'mail() function – the PHP Manual\' };\n</script>\n','yes'),(36262,'_site_transient_timeout_iworks_upprev_box_22_2011-09-19T10:40:01','1335680292','yes'),(36263,'_site_transient_timeout_iworks_upprev_style_24_2011-09-19T10:40:','1335680296','yes'),(36264,'_site_transient_timeout_iworks_upprev_scripts_24_2011-09-19T10:4','1335680296','yes'),(36265,'_site_transient_iworks_upprev_scripts_24_2011-09-19T10:40:01+00:','<script type=\"text/javascript\">\nvar iworks_upprev = { animation: \'flyout\', position: \'right\', offset_percent: 75, offset_element: \'#comments\', css_width: 360, css_side: 5, compare: \'simple\', url_new_window: 0, ga_track_views: 1, ga_track_clicks: 1, ga_opt_noninteraction: 1, title: \'A Compiled List — on short notice and little time…\'
FORMER:That's 1210 bytes-ish, of a singular line. A SINGULAR LINE. It's only 574 lines…

ajaxStardust 12-02-2012 01:42 AM

NO! it is NOT a singular line. This mistake is perhaps telling of the abnormal bloating incurred of what appears to be-- primarily- the same table, `wp_options`

What I mistakenly referenced as that line; “a singular line”, is only a fraction of the complete line, however mysqldump was/wasn’t configured to write the SQL. This sort of meta-gorging, employed by that 3rd-party, so-called 100% compatible plugin, is so like innumerable others which follow; INSERT statements, like the sample, above, when I scroll quickly through that section, it's as if i'm previewing a primitive cartoon, drawn into the bottom-corner of any freshmen Geometry five-star pad.

One might consider: does that suspect plugin maintainer not have sense-enough; adequate skill to have created a new table?
Historically-- that is, pre-ajax-as-led-to-GUI-capable-of-social-networking-exponential propagation, the WP Plugins would ONLY demonstrate STRICTLY appropriate use of SQL-- vs what i'd best describe, here, as ad-hoc; copy-paste-programming unknown to the developer. Ugh! Who's to say... but, it smells like JSON, more so, than a proper SQL. Which reminds me of jQuery, which reminds me of youngsters, which reminds me of hunt-and-peck; poke-and-hope technique-- it is unforunate, in this instance-- for ECMAScript/JavaScript does seem to be so forgiving of even very poorly authored code.

I beg your pardon, honestly. I'm irritated. Please, try to bare with this diseased, cave-dweller's ramble. With each word, and each thoughtful consideration thereof toward some actionable reply, this Luser is Grateful[, Birtha].

This is part of a document created via well maintained CentOS VPS, i.e.

-- MySQL dump 10.11
-- Host: localhost    Database: yyz2112_2112yyz
-- ------------------------------------------------------
-- Server version        5.0.95

continues for another 1039572 columns @ 0.99 MB!(according to Scintilla-powered {see "Flo's Freeware"} Notepad replacement, via a copy / paste).

As defined, we might agree then, MySQL probably did dump INSERT statements up-to, but not exceeding 1 MB.

I just wanted to try to clarify that significance. At only slightly more than 550 total lines, total (that is, while the file is filled with so much veritible junk, it weighs-in at a staggering excess of 30,000,000 bytes, the occurrance of more regular patterns; the ratio of \x0d\x0a to appear less than ×600: indeed, the file is painful to study.

If I can rid-it-of such lines, using GAWK, or SED: please provide any guess-- doesn't have to be your "best guess"-- for getting the thing back to a state of functional operation, via the so-called WP Dashboard, that I might at least then log-in, and remove the plugins, etc.

Best regards,
J Sabarese
Author, NoviceNotes™ | NoviceNotes.Net
C.A.S.I., professor of music theory; contemporary technique for electric and acoustic guitar | ChordsAndScales.INFO

i created a screen capture. i forget why. i'll upload, and edit for providing URL. i'd rather publish, asap.

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