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Kedelfor 05-22-2005 12:59 PM

Automating PINE
Ok I searched the boards and I searched the internet. I need to automate an email using pine, and only pine. Using mail is not an option, or any otther user agent. I set up pine correctly and am able to sned mail so that is not the issue. I need to automate the process of basically sending a log file to an email address everyday. I know i can set it up in crontab, but the problem is getting PINE to not ask for any user input. Any ideas???

eddiebaby1023 05-22-2005 01:47 PM

It's not really a good idea to use an interactive mail client to do something that you expressly want to not be interactive. You should use the right tool for the job, and pine isn't the right tool in this case. Why can't you use mail, or elm?

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