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naijaguy 01-07-2005 11:32 AM

applet on linux server behaves differently
We have always run our web app on Tomcat on Windows, but we're trying to move it to Linux. One small but important component of our site is a simple signed applet that allows users to print out 4x6 packing labels on a thermal printer. If the Zebra (or whatever brand) printer driver is installed properly, the label image lines up perfectly.

Everything continues as normal when the web app is running on a Linux box in our internal/private network, but when the server is our new production Linux server (which is sitting outside our internal network), the image that gets pulled down by the applet is half an inch too far to the right. The code is the same, the Tomcat startup parameters telling it to start headless are the same, the version of Enterprise Red Hat is the same...what could be causing this difference?

I know I'm reaching here, but does it have anything to do with SSL or the applet being signed or something like that? Obviously right now, we don't access that new production machine by DNS name yet--we just hit it by its public IP address (which goes through a BigIP load balancer). I just need to know what in the world to look for!


rjlee 01-07-2005 11:37 AM

It's not likely to be related to the network code. I've seen similar problems with printer drivers on other printers; you might try editing the printer configuration to adjust the position of the image on the page, or to change the configuration of the queue.

naijaguy 01-07-2005 11:53 AM

We instruct our users on how to adjust image position all the time, but here's the situation: when the server is our dev Windows or our dev Linux box on our internal network or our production Windows box that we browse via the public IP address, the image prints fine (and this is when we browse all 3 from the same browser and print from all 3 to the same thermal printer). But when we then go and try to print from the same browser and to the same printer when the server is the new production Linux box that we access over the web, it doesn't work...nothing is different--not the code, nothing...


naijaguy 01-07-2005 02:09 PM

Weird...that problem was occuring when trying to print with Firefox 0.9.2, but it doesn't occur for IE 6. Both have 1.4.2 Java versions. This doesn't make me happy at all...that same Firefox browser prints labels from our current webserver without a hitch. Why would this Firefox browser scoot the document/image over half an inch when the webserver was a Linux one, but the IE client browser wouldn't do that?

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