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Dark Carnival 12-25-2003 06:58 PM

Apache and Python... HOW
Ok, I've got this issue with installing and making python and apache work. I have no idea how to accomplish this and frankly I can't seem to find any decent guide on this.

Now before anyone scream mod_python I'd like to hear any real option, what I see with mod_python is something that is remotely built on python and from there on have ALOT of issues with .htaccess files.

Is there any proper way of doing this, and if I am forced to use that, is there any way to make a proper .htaccess file so more than one python file can be there and it will actually try to work for one times sake. I have looked in the manual at mod_python's site, and those examples of .htaccess files are well, sorry to say, crap. Either I am missing something or those tutorials COMPLETELY forget that most normal sane people like the idea behind directories, that they contained a number of files which were related to eachother in some way.

I am DESPERATLY seeking help here. PLEASE!

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