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iwasapenguin 07-23-2008 11:28 PM

Adjusting to KDE4 development, a few issues
I've just started rebuilding an app for kde 4.0.x and I'm having a lot
of difficulty doing so by the book.

First of, the ${appname}ui.rc file seems to lack effect.
Are there a few issues that the tutorial on doesn't

Also I'm doing a lot of forced type conversions like this:
Quote: (QIODevice::OPenMode) 1 );

cout << qstr.toLatin1().data()
NOTE: I'm not on my box so I can't be sure if the QIO... part is exact.

Also is using CMake absolutely needed on KDE4 (I know that it allows
for windows porting but I doubt that my program could be used that well
on Windows). I simply don't like having allot of excess files that aren't
hand coded in the src folder.

In short am I doing something seriously wrong or are these growing pains
for KDE?

mogrady 07-31-2008 10:25 PM

Try KDE 4.1.
4.1 seems to work, 4-oh, widdle bit unworkable. There is a big improvement in 4.1.
Good Luck, Michael

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