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fbsduser 02-20-2011 05:25 PM

question about rEFIt, elilo, and linux/OSX dualboot.
Hi. Currently I have OSX86 and Linux running in my Hackintosh (I use the OSX86's "chameleon" bootloader to do the dualboot), but I'm thinking about buying a new laptop and maybe it will be a Mac. Since I'm going to put in it an OSX/Linux dualboot I wanted to know:
1) Which is the best route (in terms of overall performance) to achieve it: lilo/grub chainloaded from rEFIt (will likelly need to enable "BIOS emulation" and change the partition table from gpt to gpt/mbr), or elilo chainloaded from rEFIt?
2) If the best way is the latter. Will I need to ensure that the "BIOS emulation" is disabled and that the partition table is in gpt mode? (can Linux x86 even boot from an EFI/gpt system without requiring a BIOS or a mbr partition table)?
P.D: Never worked with an Intel-based Mac before ;)

Kenny_Strawn 02-21-2011 09:49 AM

First of all, the Mac would already have an EFI, no need to install rEFIt. Secondly, Mac OS X has a utility called Boot Camp Assistant that allows you to partition the hard drive so you can install Linux, no installation of a bootloader required. And yes, Linux can boot from an EFI/GPT system, as I am running Linux from such a partition table already (as Google Chrome OS).

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