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Holering 11-04-2019 04:17 PM

Cannot use Virtual Game Station on Latest MacOs 9.2
PowerPC G4 768mhz
Radeon 7500 series
MacOS 9.2.2
Connectix Virtual Game Station 1.4
Firewire DVD drive caddy (PC pata IDE drive)
USB 1.1 DVD drive caddy (PC sata drive)

Connectix Virtual Game Station doesn't start with error message about no compatible CD-rom drive found.

DVD/CD extension is enabled.

Not sure if it's due to using standard PC DVD slim drive. So tried Apple slim CD drive but still doesn't work.

Only have USB 1.1 and Firewire 400 available so am using pata ide to firewire, and sata to usb 1.1 caddies for slim drives but neither is found by Connectix Virtual Game Station. PowerPC doesn't have extra pata ide female plug available so I have to use external caddies mentioned, but I think I tried swapping pata HDD into firewire enclosure and used CD drive on internal IDE pata female plug but still didn't work.

Is this a compatibility issue with latest MacOS 9.2.2? I don't think I can go back further than 9.1 due to startup incompatibility with open firmware on my particular PowerPC machine.

My Connectix Virtual Game Station disc is good and isn't scratched (it's the black label CD).

I need to crossover some programs to Playstation but without Connectix Virtual Game Station I can't proceed testing.

Help is appreciated. Thanks!


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