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kdulcimer 09-07-2005 11:48 AM

Older computer won't boot to KDE (HD install)
Hello all,

I have a computer with these specs:

-233Mhz AMD K6-2 processor
-27GB HD
-288MB RAM
-1 MB shared graphics (this is an older [1997-98] ATI card)

I had Knoppix 3.9 on it, but decided to give MEPIS a try after drooling over some screenshots. I put the SinplyMEPIS 2004.06 LiveCD in the drive, it booted up just fine to KDE, and everything ran fine. Toyed around with that for about 5 minutes before deciding I wanted to install it. I told it to use the entire HD and install the Grub on the MBR. I did have an external 2.5 inch HD attached to the USB port at this time. My BIOS does not support booting from a USB disk.

My problem is that when it boots up, it goes to a command line, not KDE! Is there a way to start KDE from the command line? How do I make it so it goes to KDE every time?



F0ul_Olli 09-07-2005 12:19 PM

Yes - just change the runlevel - I think its run level 5

The only thing I was thinking though is whether x works with your system as it is?

Have you used KDE since you installed?



and it should start kde for you

F0ul Oli

Thulemanden 09-08-2005 06:48 AM

Booting into command line is usually due to incomaptible grahics carrd/driver problem.

Try selecting more generic and different video drivers.

(xf86config as root)

make a backup first of Xf86-Configure

kdulcimer 09-14-2005 01:38 PM

Hi, just wanted to post an update. I put Mepis 3.3 on this computer and although it takes 4 minutes to boot up, it runs KDE just fine.

I'm going to try Mepis 2003.06 and see how that works. I'm thinking maybe I had a bad .iso image with 2004.06.


K. M.

anticapitalista 09-14-2005 03:49 PM

You could change from KDE to something lighter if you like, such as the wonderful fluxbox.

Other light choices include icewm, xfce, fvwm.

There are others too.

kdulcimer 09-14-2005 04:31 PM

Yeah, I've tried some of those under Knoppix. Unfortunately, none of them work as well for a newbie, in my opinion. Plus, we have Mepis 3.3 on a much better computer (3.2Ghz, 512MB RAM, 160GB + 300GB HDs) and I'd just like to learn one interface.

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