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mediem 06-02-2008 09:50 AM

No printer drivers for Canon Pixma 150 loading on KDE Print Wizard on MEPIS live CD
Problem installing my printer - though frustratingly I DO see Canon Pixma MP150 appearing on Local Printers USB-type list. But the next Wizard screen just asks for Printer-make again, and for Medel only 2 options come up for Canon - neither being MP150.
Actually, it has just occurred to me that maybe I shouldn't be "installing" printer when I want to run MEPIS entirely from live CD.
So how will I get prints then?
Thanks for any advice about this.

ronlau9 06-02-2008 02:28 PM

Did you install Mepis or are you just running the LIve CD ?
It is possible that when you install Mepis that the driver is on the cd.
And some times using a other driver from the same vendor works too

all the best

mediem 06-03-2008 03:31 PM

Printer still unavailable in MEPIS
Thanks Ronlau 9.
You are right - I have not installed MEPIS. But the point is, I first need to see that I have working drivers for peripherals before I partition or install.
If the driver may be on the CD, as you mentioned, I wonder why it isn't available live, when the CD is in the drive and readable. If I installed, the installation would only come from that same CD!
NO other drivers from Canon appear as options on the MEPIS printer wizard.

archtoad6 06-03-2008 07:04 PM

Which MEPIS?

ronlau9 06-04-2008 01:58 AM

Maybe you can find on the MEpis website the supported hardware for each version of Mepis

All the best

mediem 06-04-2008 04:08 PM

I'm using Simply MEPIS - CD - 7.0 - rel_64.iso running as a live CD.
Does that need something special to find a Canon Pixma MP150 printer?

ronlau9 06-04-2008 11:48 PM

I really do not know if you run a Live CD if it use all the driver available for that distro.
And some times you get I a printer working fine with a driver of a other printer driver from the same vendor
None of the distros I use has the printer driver for my printer , but still I get it working fine with a other driver
All right it is a little gamble
And as I stated before look at MEpis website for the supported hardware

all the best

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