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ozar 10-05-2013 08:06 PM


Originally Posted by Lola Kews (Post 5039593)
5 partitions for 5 different distros.

Hello, Lola Kews

If you aren't already an experienced Linux user, I'd recommend that you don't try five different distros at once to begin with, but instead work toward getting your GPT partitions created and working properly for just one distro, then you can utilize some of the unallocated space still on the drive to add more partitions and additional distros as you move forward and gain some experience. I generally create a root partition of about 10GB to 20GB, no swap partition at all (I have lots of RAM), and I create a home partition of about the same size as the root partition. All my data is stored off on another drive, so I don't need a very large home partition. If you don't want to store data to a separate drive, your hard drive is large enough that a separate data partition could be created for storing all important data.

Hope that all helps, and good luck with it.

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