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newbiesforever 07-22-2011 03:43 PM

going to remaster MEPIS 11 to make it smaller
MEPIS 11 is large enough that it can only fit onto a DVD. (I forget whether it's the first MEPIS version that large; it seems to be that MEPIS 9 might have been.) As a non-power user who doesn't do much more than use the Internet and word process (and that, about 75% of the time with KWrite), I'm skeptical of whether I will need any of the extra software that must be making MEPIS so much larger. So I plan to install it, delete everything I don't need, remaster what remains, and see if the ISO can fit onto one CD. (I would not be surprised.)

There are two ways to approach this, and I'm pondering them. I could start with the full version of MEPIS and go down from there (I also mean to use Trinity instead of KDE 4--that's why I say "down").Or I could install the antiX version and go up.
It depends on which process annoys me more: running to the store and buying some blank DVDs to burn the MEPIS 11 liveCD (not every user keeps blank DVDs lying around, but I have plenty of blank CDs for burning music), or navigating IceWM (used by antiX) when the only window manager I know well is KDE. I'm leaning toward antiX, because I have tried IceWM before and it wasn't too difficult (easier than FluxBox or LXDE).

pierre2 07-24-2011 02:28 AM

is there any reason that you could not, just use anti-X instead?.

as this is already a smaller distro.

newbiesforever 07-24-2011 10:15 AM

Because I don't plan to keep IceWM.

rokytnji 07-24-2011 10:39 AM

There is a Meta-Package installer in AntiX 11 full iso . It has KDE-Lite as one of the Desktop Options besides XFCE and Gnome and KDE Full. Probably easier to go that route.

I am KDE allergic. Fluxbox and Icewm are my preferred Desktops.

There is also


...a cli-installer script for fast and light install, live with persistence, 'remaster on the fly', new boot cheatcodes for setting dpi and desktop windows manage
From the main page

antiX comes with a remaster script in /usr/local/bin

archtoad6 08-11-2011 10:30 PM

Except for rokytnji"s post, I would advise down from MEPIS, rather than up from antiX.

Before you decide, see if you can find & compare the pkg. lists for each.

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